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hey! my name is chloë fitzmaurice (she/her)

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I'm a Producer, Editor, and Director focused on exploring storytelling through video & design.

I'm currently the Creative Director on Yelp's in-house Studios team, directing short-form videos about the humanity of small businesses, bridging gaps between pre and post-production, and supporting a team of editors. 

I also run a documentary film & action-oriented platform called Docuvist— a place to not only discover a variety of docs but also a way to get direct resources from filmmakers and address that overwhelming "What can I do now? feeling" many of us get after watching a documentary. We also host dinner and doc movie nights to help foster community and conversations.

Other things that take up space in my brain:

• Photographing people in their element

• Documentaries.  Here’s my list of favorites.

• Learning new skills.  Most recently 3D collaging.

• Mountains.  And getting on top of them.

Give me a holler if you're interested in collaborating!

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